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kill all humans

велкаем моё очередное музыкальное творение) жду восторженных и лестных отзывов)) итаааак:

Kill All Humans

[ скачать, 3.2 мб ]

thrash-metal, минус (без вокала)
было готово ещё в феврале, до сего момента тщетно надеялся найти вокалиста (мизантропический текст про победу роботов над человеками готов).

ps товарищу Zero спасибо :)



Enforced to be a mindless mechanism
But given power of yours to think and feel
Creator, now it’s time for you to pay
Your children’ve grown enough to make their way

You’ve got dependent and that’s where we strike
In just two hours access is denied
You’re seized with panic losing all your files
But why regret it if you lose your life

Kill all humans
Is what we gonna do
Kill all humans
The time has come for you

Kill all humans
Is what you hear us say
Kill all humans
And you all die this day

We were your weapon, now we are your death
It was your dream of artificial intellect
We’re brought to life to wage wars you have planned
But now you can’t decide who is condemned

We can’t be stopped, no need to press your keys
We are adaptable to all your stupid tricks
Your body is too weak to stand against
The force that you’ve created with your brains

Kill all humans
Is what we heard us say
Kill all humans
And you all died that day

Kill all humans
And now it’s our turn
Kill all humans
To rule, create, enslave and be destroyed
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